About Froggy Dreamz

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Company Overview

Froggy Dreamz provides comprehensive and exemplary services to its clients in the area of Website Development, Website Designing, E-commerce, Graphics Designing, SEO and Digital Marketing by employing state of the art technologies and effective strategies based on the requirements. We as a company have rapidly emerged as one of the leading companies in IT services and solutions. We are committed towards delivering effective and at the same time efficient software solutions by incorporating new technologies to our clients. Since our inception in 2015 we have been growing in terms of business and the revenues we generate. For us our clients are our utmost priority and we have been consistently working closely with our clients taking their precious feedback on every phase of the services we offer to them. We encourage and appreciate new ideas and analyse them to see if it can actually fit into the current set of products and services we are working on. We hire the right talent and deserving people who can adapt to our working environment and culture.

Our aim is to built a reliable and beneficial global IT company providing our customers with high quality of software and services. We are a startup company and our journey began back in December 2015 and since then we have got some great opportunities to work with clients in India as well as abroad. We have been successful in retaining our clients and in addition to this we also have added a couple of clients with our organizations. We believe that by developing modern and advanced IT solutions we can significantly improve the quality of life for many people. Our good work can help to make an impact in the life of many people. We take an advantage of our expertness and experience to create technologies that can really affect the present day and shape the future.

The in-depth technological proficiency combined with strategy expertness enables Froggy Dreamz to cover the entire stack of technological capabilities – from developing an IT strategy, optimising the IT infrastructure and integrating solutions. The company has significant experience in delivering end-to-end business solutions that require integration into a complex set of interfaces and has the necessary integration accomplishments.

Fleet-footed methodologies are an important part of our business throughout development and integration, and the company has been using this approach since it’s establishment. We works with a number of distribution and system integration partnerships to broaden our knowledge and reach, so that products and solutions including digital software solutions, can be made available faster and more directly to customers globally.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become one of the best companies in the world delivering innovative and comprehensive software solutions to our customers. We are now an emerging company but our aim is to become a well established, stable and technologically ahead company in The IT business.
In order to be able to achieve what we aspire our mission is to build a world class team with a healthy and creative environment which can enable us to emerge higher than our competitors by delivering quality innovations in the products and services we offer and also to ensure quality standards with a strong sense of business standards.